Book Review Tuesday: Superstars of History

Superstars of History:  The Good, the Bad and the Brainy
by Jacob Field
Illustrated by Simon Basher
From the publisher:
History doesn't just happen; it was created by a crazy crew of characters from way back when. Find out why Archimedes said "Eureka!" in the bathtub, how Henry Ford changed the world, and whether or not Einstein's brain was bigger than an ordinary guy's. Discover what Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, and Nelson Mandela did that made them famous for being so good, and what Attila the Hun, Hitler, and Stalin did that made them infamous for being so bad. Learn about great leaders like Charlemagne and George Washington and bold ones like Caesar and William the Conqueror. Superstars of History will feature fun text, loads of facts, and Basher's cool illustrations to bring history's greatest characters to life for 8 to 12 year olds.

My Review:

OMG, I LOVE this book!!!  This pictures on the cover are what originally brought my attention to the book.  Come to find out they are drawn by the same person who did all those cute square Basher Books (which I own almost all of them!!)

The book is broken down into four sections:  The Ancient World, The Middle Ages and the Renaissance, Revolution and the Enlightenment and the Modern Era.  These are definitely topics that I cover in my 6th grade social studies class.  

Some of the more notable people covered in the book are Aristotle, Julius Caesar,  Charlemagne, William the Conqueror, Christopher Columbus, Leonardo Da Vinci, William Shakespeare, Catherine the Great, Napoleon, George Washington, Karl Marx, Abraham Lincoln,  Thomas Edison, Gandhi, and many more.

Information of each of the individuals includes a narration in first person as well as other facts that might include a timeline, legacies, inventions, friends, record breaker, etc.

If you teach history, this is definitely a book for your keeper shelf!!

You can get the book at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.
Thanks go out to Scholastic via NetGalley for a copy of the book in exchange of an honest review.

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