Task Card Templates

I was checking out a friend's new set of task cards and noticed that the frames were a little distorted.  I realized that she was using a frame meant to be on a 8.5 X 11 sized paper and trying to shrink it down to fit the task cards.  Unfortunately, the proportions are not the same.

An idea formed in my head.  Why don't I create frames just for task cards?  That weekend I set out to create doodle frames that were meant to be used as task cards.  I did them in two different sizes.

Set 1 has 4 cards per sheet, with the frames being about 5" X 4".

Click on picture to find these in my TpT store.

Set 2 has 6 cards per sheet, with the frames being about 4" X 3.5"

Click on picture to find these in my TpT store.

I even uploaded a FREE set of St. Patrick's Day task card frames that are already on St. Patrick's Day themed background paper.

Click on the picture to find these in my TpT store.

The task cards are very easy to insert into your project. Start by opening up the program you will be working in (I'm using PowerPoint to demonstrate).  Go to Insert> Photo> Picture from file.

Choose the background paper you want to use.

After your background paper is inserted, go to Insert> Photo> Picture from File to insert your favorite task card frame.

Choose the task card frame you want to use....

and you are all done.  No more trying to re-size frames that weren't meant to be re-sized. No more trying to line up the frames.  I've done all the work for you.

You are ready to start typing on your task cards in 4 easy steps.

My next project is to combine my task card templates with some of my own background papers.  So if there is a combination that you would like to see. let me know.  I will get it posted ASAP!

If you would like to purchase these task cards at Teacher's Notebook, you can find them in my new store called Digi by Amy.

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Kinetic Energy Lab

This was our kinetic energy lab.  We did two different activities.  The first was using a matchbox car and putting different size washers on it to change the mass.  They used a track to put the car on and then measured how far the car was able to push the paper tray.


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