Using and Creating Matchbook Interactive Notebook Pages INB


When I first started making interactive notebook pages, I knew I didn't want them to be very complicated. After doing some online searching, I realized that the matchbook cover design would be the easiest for students to complete. They were easy to put together and took very little time.

Draw 5: A Math Game

Got extra time on your hands before your next transition time? It never fails that I would have some extra time to fill during the day. Maybe it was the 5 minutes before we went to lunch or the 10 minutes before dismissal. I needed something to do during that time. I was introduced to this game years ago at a PD offered by my district where a Ball State professor was presenting. I don't remember what she called it at the time, but I've always called it Draw 5 with my students.

Playing SCOOT with Task Cards

Playing SCOOT with Task Cards

Soon after starting to use task cards with my students, I began looking for other ways to use them. I came across SCOOT and it was soon a favorite with my students. It is a pretty simple way to review a skill and get your students up and moving.

How to Set Up Your Social Studies Notebook INB

We set up our social studies notebook a little different than our math or science notebooks, but they were also pretty similar.