How to Create Student Completion Rules in Schoology

Student completion rules are a handy tool to use. You can set them up for units that are self-paced or maybe for differentiation amongst your students.

Using the Google Assignment App in Schoology

With the way education has changed because of COVID 19, I wanted to make sure that I included a video on how to use the Google Assignment app inside of Schoology.

How to Create a Discussion in Schoology

Below you will find the video on how to create a Schoology discussion. I really like discussion because the students do not have to type up a response, they can give a video or audio response. You can also set it up so that students have to respond before seeing other students' responses.

How to Create an Assignment in Schoology

When I left the classroom 4.5 yrs ago, I became the IT trainer for the district I had taught in for 18 yrs. About a year later, my job morphed into what it is today, that of Ed Tech Coordinator. One of the aspects of my job is to train the teachers in my district on how to use Schoology. So instead of just sharing what I have learned with the teachers of my district, I decided to also share it with those that follow by blog.