Using and Creating Matchbook Interactive Notebook Pages INB


When I first started making interactive notebook pages, I knew I didn't want them to be very complicated. After doing some online searching, I realized that the matchbook cover design would be the easiest for students to complete. They were easy to put together and took very little time.

I create all of my INB pages with solid lines to fold on and dotted for cutting. Get a FREEBIE to hang in your classroom that explains this by clicking on the picture below.

The first step in putting the INB page together is to fold the flap with the title of the INB on it.

Then you fold in the other set of flaps. They fold over right to the fold in the other flap.

Students will then cut along the dotted lines to cut apart the flaps. When done, they lift the flap and write their notes.

I hope this helps you when using INB pages that are a matchbook cover design.  Below you will find links on how I used interactive notebooks in my math, science and social studies classes.


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