How to Set Up Your Social Studies Notebook INB

We set up our social studies notebook a little different than our math or science notebooks, but they were also pretty similar.
We started with a cover page. Each student made it their own.

Next, we would add a table of contents

I would then have them start to number their pages. We usually go to about 10 and then they can continue numbering as we need the pages.

We would add interactive notebook pages (INBs) and maps throughout each of our units. I made the interactive notebook pages (INBs) with minimal places to cut as I didn't want to waste time on it. I also taught my students to use just a small piece of tape, about 1 inch long, to tape in their foldable. I tried different types of glue over the years and the pages never stayed in the notebooks. We never had any issues with the tape and I would buy it whenever I saw a sale.

Once we were done taking our notes, I would put the posters up on the bulletin board.

Students would use their notes, to help fill out their study guide for the test.

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