How I Used My Poster and INB Sets In My Classroom

I often get asked how I used my Poster and INB sets in my classroom. This post will take you through the process that I used with my 5th and 6th graders.

Most of the poster sets have information on them that I wanted my students to write on their INB pages that they would put in their notebooks. I would project the pdf onto my overhead screen.

We would read and talk about what was on the screen and decide what to put on the INB page. For most of my SCIENCE, US HISTORY and WORLD HISTORY pages, I would have the students choose the information that they thought was important enough to go on the page. I wanted them to get an understanding of how to take notes and not just copy everything they saw on the screen. Since I had most of my students for two years, they were pretty good at picking out the important stuff without me prompting them by 6th grade.



Once we were done taking notes, we would tape the INB page into their notebooks. I used tape because I didn't want to mess with glue. They learned to just take a 1 inch piece for each page. I stocked up on tape and tabs whenever I saw them on sale.

I would then hang the printed posters up on my bulletin board for the remainder of the unit. This was an easy reminder that they could find the information in their notebooks.

I have Poster and INB sets for MATH, SCIENCE, US HISTORY and WORLD HISTORY.

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