American Revolution - Posters and Videos

This will be my third year teaching 5th grade social studies and I'm slowly making and purchasing resources.

One of the first things I picked up was the video series, Liberty's Kids. My students love this series.  We usually watch the portion of the series before we read about it in our book. The students always refer back to the movie when we are discussing people or events.  I picked up a gently used copy on eBay, but you can get it at Amazon for only $9.99. That is much cheaper that I was able to get it for!!

I will also show them the portion of America: The Story of Us that pertains to the American Revolution.  You can get it on Amazon for $15.99.

The students are usually split on which they like better but I think most of them like the cartoon the best.

Our state test always has specific people the students must know, so I made a set of posters to use in my room and listed them on TpT. You get 38 posters and 7 interactive foldable graphic organizers.

You can see all of the posters and organizers here:

If you are looking for more ideas on the American Revolution take a look at Fifth in the Middle's Linky party.
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