Science Sunday: Roller Coaster Fun!

I saw THIS idea from my friend Jennifer at Teaching to Inspire in Fifth and fell in love with the idea. I knew that I wanted to do it with my 6th graders when we did our energy unit.
I adapted her ideas a little bit.  My rules were the following:
  • Must have at least two "hills" 
  • Must have two carts showing potential energy, one of which must show the greatest potential energy 
  • Must have two carts showing kinetic energy, one of which must show the greatest kinetic energy
  • All cars need to have the type of energy it has labeled.
My students LOVED this activity as much as I did (plus it allowed me to work with my 5th graders...)

Two of my boys got really into the design and made obstacles in their roller coasters.


How I Store My Math Games

I've already posted how I organize my task cards (several times, LOL!), but I wanted to share how I store my math games.  So many teachers have these drawer sets that they use for different purposes and I chose to put my math games in them.  The one on the left is from Michaels and the larger one on the right is from AC Moore.

Foldable Friday: Quadrilaterals

My 5th graders need to be able to identify quadrilaterals by their attributes. This interactive foldable graphic organizer helped them to organize their information.

I drew this on the board as a flow chart to help them remember that most of the shapes could also be called something  other than their exact name.

The inside of the graphic organizer.

If you like the graphic organizer (organizer has been updated), you can get them along with the matching posters in my TpT store. Just click on the picture below.