Foldable Friday: The Planets

I haven't done very many foldables in science class, but I'm trying to do more.  My fifth graders were studying the planets and this 8 tab foldable was perfect for this.  We listed all the inner planets on the left side and the outer planets on the left.  

As a class, we talked about the important this about each planet. It was up to the student to decide what they were going to write in their notes.  The following are several examples of what the students cam up with.


How I Organize My Task Cards

One thing that I would like to implement more of this coming school year is task cards. I've started making some of my own, but have also gotten several from all the wonderful sellers on TpT.

I saw several people using accordion files, but I pinned THIS blog post from Teaching with Task Cards when I decided that was the route I wanted to go.

I searched for several days to find just the right container to hold the accordion files. I went back and forth with several different ideas, but finally settled on these scrapbook containers.

I got 2 of these containers at Michaels for $11.99 - 44% off - 15% off = $5.70 each. Everything else that I liked was much more expensive and took up a lot more space.

I had originally wanted to use different colors for different subjects, but I couldn't find enough in each color.  Most of these are from Target's Dollar Spot. The ones with the black elastic are from Dollar Tree. The base of these are just a tad bigger than the Target files. I'm going to print out labels on the little address labels (the ones that fit about 80 to a sheet) and put the topic on the files.

I got some of the large accordion files to hold the answer sheets for the task cards. There is enough room on top of the smaller accordion files to fit probably 5-6 of the larger ones on top.

Thanks go to Kristen from Ladybug's Teacher Files and Elizabeth from Fun in Room 4B for the Linky Party!


Foldable Friday: Phases of the Moon

We wrote the phases of the moon starting on the top left and then going counterclockwise around the foldable. If you haven't seen it yet, check out my MOON PHASES ACTIVITY.

If you are teaching phases of the moon, you might want to check out my Earth and Space Science Posters where you will find a poster of the moon phases as well as other related topics!


How to use task card templates

The most common question I get in my store is asking how to use my task card templates. I made this quick little video to show just how easy they are to use.

Let me know if you have any questions about the task card templates or if you have some suggestions for task card templates. All task card templates are commercial use and can be used to create task cards to sell on TpT or other education sites.

You can see all my task card templates that I have available HERE in my TpT store.

You can try some of my FREE task card templates below.

Are you looking for more information about making your journey on TpT a successful one? Check out Erica Bohrer's post on Getting Started on TpT.

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How I Store My Student's Science Journals

My students have journals for math, science and social studies. They keep the math and SS journals with them, but I store the science journals in the classroom.  

I have two crates, one for my 5th graders and one for my sixth graders.  I made a sign (printed on cardstock) and put it into a page protector along with a piece of chipboard to make it sturdier.  I then attached the page protector to the crate with cable ties.  Originally I just had the sign attached to the crate but it didn't hold up very well. I hope this does better (I'll let you know!)

Thanks go to Kristen from Ladybug's Teacher Files and Elizabeth from Fun in Room 4B for the Linky Party!


3D Cell Projects

Each year during our life science unit I have the students make 3-d models of both a plant and animal cell. The only requirements I give them are that they have to be 3-d, they have to have the parts labels, and tell the functions of each part (which can be put on paper and doesn't have to be a part of the model). My students amaze me each year with their creativity and the ingenuity of their projects. The following are pictures of some of this year's projects.