Foldable Friday: The Planets

I haven't done very many foldables in science class, but I'm trying to do more.  My fifth graders were studying the planets and this 8 tab foldable was perfect for this.  We listed all the inner planets on the left side and the outer planets on the left.  

As a class, we talked about the important this about each planet. It was up to the student to decide what they were going to write in their notes.  The following are several examples of what the students cam up with.


  1. I love foldables! Will put this in my 'lesson ideas' notebook for this upcoming year. Thanks for sharing!

  2. What size paper did you use with your students?

    1. It was 8.5 X 11. Since this post, I have created posters and foldables that I used in my classroom if you are interested: