What do plants need to survive?

During our life science unit, we did a lab on what plants need to survive. I put mung beans in soil on a friday and by monday they were already sprouting.  Once the beans had grown for about a week, we started the experiment.

The students started by making predictions about what would happen in each scenario.

The students then made observations about what the plants looked like.  There were four different growing conditions set up.  

The first was with light and water.

The second was with light but no water.

The third was with light to one side and water. Unfortunately, over the weekend the water dried up so the plants got a little droopy. They did perk right up when water was added to the tray.

The fourth tray was inside a set of cabinets, which did not allow any light in, with water.

After 10 days, the students took each of their plants back to their table to make their "after" observations.

They recorded their observations on the lab sheet. I think they did a wonderful job with their pictures!

This lab is from the DSM:  Plants in our World kit.

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