Foldable Friday: Types of Energy

Types of energy interactive foldable graphic organizer.

They were suppose to write the definition and examples that included a picture.

This interactive foldable graphic organizer can be found in my Energy Posters and Graphic Organizer set. Click on the picture below to find it in my TpT store.

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Making Molecules Lab

This lab can be found in Matter and Change by Delta Science Modules. The lab goes much deeper than my 6th graders need to go, so I just do the part of the lab where the students make the molecules.

I gave each group a tray with the needed supplies along with their lab sheet. The lab sheet talked about how molecules come together and showed pictures.

Then the students made their molecules (6 total). 

This is a ammonia.

This is carbon dioxide.

The students really enjoyed putting these together and asked if they could create more. I'll have to see what I can come up with for next year's group.

Foldable Friday: Types of Triangles

The students used information from these posters to take their notes.

You can find the interactive foldable graphic organizer and posters in my TpT store, just click on the picture below.

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How I Store a Class Set of Colored Pencils

I found THIS post by All Things Pink and Crafty and knew that is how I wanted to reorganize my colored pencils. 
I often need the students to just use a few colors on a project we are completing and it was taking too long for my students to find the color they needed when they were mixed together. Separating the pencils by color meant that I could just give each color to a student and have them quickly passed out the needed colored pencil. It has saved us a lot of time.