How I Store a Class Set of Colored Pencils

I found THIS post by All Things Pink and Crafty and knew that is how I wanted to reorganize my colored pencils. 
I often need the students to just use a few colors on a project we are completing and it was taking too long for my students to find the color they needed when they were mixed together. Separating the pencils by color meant that I could just give each color to a student and have them quickly passed out the needed colored pencil. It has saved us a lot of time.
Jennifer used old formula cans, but since I didn't have access to those I used these plastic containers from Walmart. My husband loves their Amish potato salad, so there were plenty of those containers hanging around.

I made my labels and printed them on a full sticker sheet.

I cut them in half and then adhered them to construction paper. Before putting them on the tubs, I laminated them for durability.

I used permanent double sided tape to adhere it to the tub. I wanted to make sure that the labels stayed put with my students handling the tubs.

The final product.

I love the way they look on my shelf, too!  


  1. They look great on your shelf - so colorful! My kids are always digging around for the "right" color too, so I might have to try this!

    Sara :)
    The Colorful Apple

    1. Thanks, Sara! I love this organizational tool. It saves me so much time.

  2. wow! i love how you organized the pencils! this is so great. I need to try this in my classroom! I love your blog by the way!