How I store my Interactive Notebook Contents

I've done interactive notebooks for awhile now, but have just recently gotten my graphic organizers organized! I've been putting my graphic organizers into sleeves that fit into a binder.

I put a folded copy, the master and any leftover student copies in the sleeve.

They were just kind of thrown into the binder, so I added tabs to organize it by unit.  Of course I didn't realize until I put it together that because of the sleeves, the tabs couldn't be seen.

I had to get a little creative. I buy tabs whenever I see them on sale. My students use them for each new section of their notebook. So I grabbed some of the tabs and stuck them to the tabs on the dividers.

I then trimmed down the tab so that the sticky part was cut off. They don't look very pretty, but when you close the binder you can't even tell.

Next on my agenda is to make a master copy of my interactive notebook.  The folded graphic organizer that you see above will eventually go into the master copy where students that have been absent can make up the notes they have missed. This summer I plan to go through all my organizers and find where any gaps are and create organizers for those topics.  After that is complete, I will be able to make the master copy of the notebook.

I found these awesome binders on clearance (after the BTS rush) that have a pocket in the front which is perfect to hold the notebook.

All of the tabs in the graphic organizer binder match my curriculum binders. I gotta stay organized or I would go insane!!


  1. I love it! It's always nice to see 1) how other teachers organize things and 2) that other teachers have "oops" moments when organizing too! Makes me realize it's OK now to be "Pinterest-perfect" all of the time!

    Thanks so much... and your blog is absolutely beautiful too!

    Tammy (aka Madame Aiello @ Teaching FSL)

    1. I also love looking at how others organize. I'm always looking for the perfect way!

      Thanks for the comment on the blog, I designed it myself.

  2. Perfect. I tend to throw everything into a basket under the table...this is a much better idea! ;)
    Creating Lifelong Learners

    1. I'm a pile person myself. Even with this system, they don't always get put back where they belong.