How I Store the Colored Paper for INBs

 I recently shared how I store all my interactive foldable graphic organizers that I use in our notebooks. Doing all those organizers means that I need a lot of colored paper. I try to buy paper whenever I see it on sale. I can get pastel paper from my district, but I like to have a variety of colors (probably stems from my years of scrapbooking, LOL!)

I found these containers at Staples that I thought would work perfectly (they were on clearance).  I made a sign to fit on the front that would tell me the colors inside and it has a lid which will keep the dust off of the paper.

Of course, I store them in ROY G BIV order!!


  1. Hi Amy, This is such a BRIGHT idea! I have a heap of paper in my classroom closet and this is the perfect solution. Thanks :) -Kate Kate's Classroom Cafe

  2. I wish I had all that paper! I keep mine this way too, just in a mini file cabinet!

  3. I love this so much Amy!!! I have some bright paper in random places on my table and this would be so much better. Thank you!! :) :)

  4. Brilliant idea! Makes me want to run to school tomorrow morning and arrange my big pile of paper.