How I Organize My Informational Text Chapter Books

As you probably know by now, I don't teaching reading or ELA so I don't really have an organized library. I just have chapter books that the students can check out on a shelves.
I do have quite a collection of non-fiction books and I finally took the time to get them organized. I wanted the students to be able to find the books they were looking for a bit easier so I made labels. I was going to put the labels on the front of the shelf that the book were on, but I soon realized that they wouldn't stay on very well because the edge was rounded.
I then had the brilliant idea to actually put it flat on the shelf.  This way the kids (and me too!!) could find the topic they were looking for while standing up.

I moved some other things around in my room and it freed up some shelf space.  Now I have room for more books!!