3 Websites I Can't Teach Without

I'm joining the Teaching Trio's Technology Thursday linky today where they are listing 3 websites that they can't teach without.

#1 is GoNoodle.

I was introduced to this website from several primary teachers last year. For awhile, I thought that my 5th and 6th graders were too old for it but then I decided to try it with them.

They LOVED it!!! We only had a month left in school, but I tried to use it as much as possible.  This year, I introduced it as soon as school started.

I have my 6th graders in the morning. We always start with math, so I decided that for our transition into science or social studies we would do a brain break.  GoNoodle lets you upload your own YouTube videos to your page. I wanted to use something my students could relate to so I went searching for some current songs.  YouTube user Average Asian Dude has a playlist of Just Dance 4 game plays that are perfect for my 5th and 6th graders.  They are mostly current songs that the kids know and they really get into it.

If for some reason, we don't have time for our brain breaks the kids are so disappointed.  This is definitely something all upper elementary teachers should give a try!!

#2 is WorksheetWorks.com

I LOVE this site and use it ALL THE TIME!!  How often do you just need a practice page for a math skill? Your students need to practice adding fractions. With just a few clicks of the button, you can have a customized page ready in seconds.

I use the site for mainly math worksheets, but they do have other sections too:  English, Geography, Puzzles and Miscellaneous Topics.

Some of my favorite non-math sections are:  Graphic Organizers, Graph Paper Generator, Magic Squares, Sudoku Puzzles, and Coordinate Picture Graphing.

Be sure to check out the site. I guarantee that you will find something that you love!!

#3 IXL

I love this site because you can have your students practice the skills they need to work on and track their progress.

I keep track of the skills my students have mastered and am able to use IXL to give them more practice on skills they they haven't quite mastered yet.  The students can go into any given standard (they have skills listed by state and common core standards) and they can do problems until they show mastery. I really like IXL because if a student misses a problem, the site shows them the correct solution with the steps to get to that answer. The students are also motivated by earning rewards for completing so many problems.  My students sometimes have a friendly competition of who has the highest percent mastery as well and they motivates them to try their best on every problem.

For the teacher, they have great data collection. You can see how many problems a student has attempted, how many they got right and wrong and at what percent of mastery they currently have.

I hope you find these websites as useful as I do.  You can hop on over to the Teaching Trio for more great web resources!!


  1. I also teach 5th and love doing brain breaks with my students. I too thought Go Noodle was for primary kiddos, I'm going to give it a try now after reading your recommendation. Thanks!

    Wild About Fifth

  2. I introduced Go Noodle in my classroom this year after Meg from The Teacher Studio wrote about it in her post. My kids love it! They always beg for more. I am hoping to get a subscription so that we have access to more clips. One website that's been really helpful to my students' learning is Mathletics. It's an awesome way to get students excited about Maths and teach them mental calculation skills.