How to Create an Agenda in Schoology

When most of the nation when to online learning in March, several of my teachers reached out to me about creating an agenda for their students.

The easiest way to accomplish this was to create a table with links to the assignments in Schoology.  The most straightforward way to do this was to create the table in a Page and then copy it into an Update and then pin it so it became an announcement.

The following is a tutorial on how to do this.


  1. Wow! This was SO helpful. I appreciate how concise and succinct you are! So many tutorials include lots of extra talk and take a long time to get through.

    Question: if I teach multiple sections of a course, and they have the same assignments but different due dates due to a block schedule, so I need to link the assignments separately for each of my courses?

  2. Hi Amy! I have not. I am new to Schoology. I’m currently writing the curriculum for my district and trying to figure out what is reasonable to ask teachers to do (delicate balance!)

    Would you recommend linking the courses? Teachers will have some sections that meet Monday/Thursday and some that meet Tuesday/Friday. If you do recommend linking courses, should teachers only link the courses that meet the same days?

    Thank you for your help!

    1. Linking courses allows for teachers to have a "parent" course that is tied to the "child" courses. Put an assignment in the Parent course, it goes into the child courses. Just saves times. I believe that you can make assignments with different due dates even when courses are linked.

      I know that when you copy an assignment from one course to another, it does allow you to edit the details such as due date.