How I Organize My Math Materials

One of the things I seem to collect in my classroom was math materials. I've taught that subject the longest so it makes sense.

I have two areas in my room where I keep most of my materials.

My blue shelving holds the materials I use the most: centimeter cubes, 1 inch colored tiles, protractors (I didn't even notice that my sign was misspelled until this picture was right in front of me, oh my!), rulers, dominos and compasses.

I also have algebra tiles, pattern block, color tiles, base 10 blocks, two sided counters, empty tubs for probability and tubs for math games.

I thought I was being smart when I decided to paint the tubs, put on letter stickers and then cover them with Modge Podge, but as you can see the paint is flaking...

The next shelf also has game pieces. This time I was a little smarter and bought clear containers. I still used the letter stickers and Modge Podge. They are holding up a little better.

This is what is inside some of the tubs.

Next to the blue bookshelf are the 5 drawers that hold my math games. I haven't switched them to common core yet but will soon.  I made some free common core signs for 5th and 6th grade.

On top of the drawers are the dice, cards and markers for the games.

On top of that are the wash rags for the dry erase boards...

...and the dry erase boards.

On the other side of the room are the supplies that I don't use as often:  overhead manipulatives, fraction strips, cuisenaire rods, pattern blocks, tangrams and pentominos.

I hope this posts helps someone get a little more organized!


  1. Looks great, I love the stickers. Do you have dry erase boards for the students? If so, where do you keep them? Trying to decide if I want mine in the cupboard or in their desks.

    1. I added a picture of where I keep my boards. I have high school desks so keeping them in the student desks is not an option.

  2. wow, that is impressive.
    Do you have posts about the things inside those painted containers? That really peeks my interest.
    Hodges Herald

  3. Well, well, well. I have no manipulatives for math. And I'm teaching it next year for the 1st time-6th grade. Guess I need to get busy. I had some stuff when I taught K 3 years ago-hmmmm....wonder if I can find them AND if I can use them.

    So if I could only buy 3 types of manipulatives for 6th grade math what would you suggest? :)


    1. I use my red/yellow counter a lot for teaching integers, but with CCSS most of those skills are moving to 7th grade. You can use the cm cubes or 1 in. tiles for ratios and proportions. I also use the cm cubes for volume and probability. A set of white boards with a coordinate grid on them is nice too. I have some, but not a class set.

      I hope that gives you some ideas!

  4. Your shelves are beautifully organized! Pinterest finally shamed me into covering mine with fabric, but if mine looked like yours I wouldn't have to!