How I Deal with Make-Up Work

I'm in an elementary school that is semi-departmentalized so I have two sets of students that happen to be different grade levels (very small school).  I needed a way to organize the student's make-up work since I couldn't just leave it on their desks. I came up with this idea.

The top portion holds folders for both grade levels. Any papers that get handed out, get the student's name put on it and placed in the appropriate folder. The students know that when they come back to school, they need to check the folder for any papers that they need to complete. 

I attached magnets to the front inside of the file folder. This allows it to stay on my board and to keep the folder closed with the papers inside.

The bottom portion holds the calendars. The students are really good about writing the day's assignments on the calendar. The students usually have math homework and either science or social studies homework so it easily fits in the box.

Thanks go to Kristen from Ladybug's Teacher Files and Elizabeth from Fun in Room 4B for the Linky Party!


  1. Great idea! I've been writing their names and date on the assignments and clipping them in my "master" Agenda (student planner), but that makes it bulky.

  2. Great idea! The board looks really cute, too. :D

  3. Such a super idea! I also teach more than one class and the make-up work monster is terrible. This is a perfect solution. Thanks for linking up with us :)


    Fun in Room 4B

  4. Love this! I have the same problem with switching classes. I will be following your blog!

  5. I love your make-up work folders. What a great way to keep it together.

    room 4 imagination