How I Store Classroom Computers

I had been looking for a new way to store my computers that I got from Donors Choose (the lovely pink one was my donation, the girls always want that one!).  I had inherited several of these wonderful wooden organizers from my mother who had retired from teaching and they were the perfect size to fit the netbooks.  I found THIS pin last summer and decided to use it to organize the cords.

 Each of the computers is numbers, so the students easily know where to put the computer back so that it goes with the correct plug.  Below, you can see how the cord fits through the clamp and stays in the proper place.

Thanks go to Kristen from Ladybug's Teacher Files and Elizabeth from Fun in Room 4B for the Linky Party!


  1. Those are old school wooden organizers, so nice! Glad to hear the binder clip thing works, I want to try it this year.

  2. aaaaa!!! Thank you Amy!! I've been at a loss about where to store our netbooks and this is excellent! I love how the cords are stored nicely too so they don't get damaged. Thank you again! :)

  3. So incredibly smart!!! Who knew? I'm going to be rounding up my clips to keep those pesky cords organized! Thanks so much for linking up with us :)

    Fun in Room 4B