Class Information Center

So I found this cart down in the basement at school and knew that I wanted it in my classroom. I used it last year, but wanted to spruce it up a little bit. 
I was in Michaels getting some supplies and thought I would get some contact paper to cover the ugly woodgrain on it. They only had clear, but I spotted the corkboard and thought that would be a neat idea. 
I decided to use it to post all my important information that had previously been on my whiteboard - which had the added benefit of freeing up some of my whiteboard!!
It comes in a roll, so I needed to flatten it. I had reams of paper handy, so I just placed that on top.

The lady at the store told me that spray adhesive would work at attach the corkboard. I don't know if I didn't use it right or what, but I didn't I had the brilliant idea to use Elmers glue...another fail. I had to clean all the glue off of the cart (which was a pain in the butt!!) and let the glue that was on the corkboard dry.

The next day I used some Scotch Outdoor Mounting Tape that I found in my desk drawer. That worked like a charm!!

The roll of corkboard was long enough to fit on the front but not tall enough.  

I solved that issue with doing a double layer of border.  I stapled the border together before stapling the purple part to the corkboard. I got the border at Michaels last year when they had all their teacher stuff on clearance.

The final touches were adding my make-up work calendars and folders, our specials signs and lunch menu.

I just love the way that it looks! I just brightens up the front of my classroom!!

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