5th Grade Goes Back To School Blog Hop

Set routines up early!! Start the year like you are going to end the year.

This week was my first week of school. We spent time setting up all of our interactive notebooks and establishing classroom routines.  

One of my classroom routines occurs after every lesson I teach. I want my students to reflect on their learning. After each lesson, I ask my students how they feel about what we just learned.  I quickly scan the room and make quick notes about those students who still need help with a particular topic.  

Click on the picture below to get your FREE Student Self-Assessment Posters.

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Mrs. O


  1. I love the assessment at the end. I think they are so important!

    Happy to hop with you!

    Mrs O Knows

  2. Thanks for this freebie! :) Nice to "hop" with you!

  3. I downloaded your freebie a few weeks ago and have it hanging up. I love it!!!