Foldable Friday: Minorities of the American Revolution

As I have previously stated, our state test for social studies has very specific questions about people in US history. In an attempt to help my students remember them, I created these interactive foldable graphic organizers.

These interactive foldable graphic organizers and many more can be found in my People of the American Revolutions poster and graphic organizer set. Just click on the picture below to find it in my TpT store.

American Revolution Linky


  1. Hi Amy,

    Does Indiana use Common Core? Will you be keeping your Social Studies state test? Here in CA, we have a state science test and I have hear varying sources say we are and we aren't keeping that test..

    Love the foldable! My kids really enjoy activities such as that!


    1. Indiana chose not to do CCSS. But when we were going to use them, we were still going to use the Indiana SS standards and the state test for SS. The CCSS don't have science or ss standards other than the informational text standards in ELA, so I'd guess that you would still use your state test for those subjects.